Sun 29
Shelton FC Panthers
Sun 29
U7s - Hornets
Hornets Vs Panthers

Hornets Vs Panthers

By Ryan Evans
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Wet and clinical

U7 Hornets match report
By Tim Jones

Wet and clinical

The Hornets met Shelton Panthers for the second time this season.
But it wasnt such a walk in the park this time around for our boys.
With the wind blowing and the rain getting heavier the game kicked off....
The Hornets went straight on the attack with some nice passing, but were being held back by the panthers defence who seemed more geared up for the test after their last game.
But with a nice tackle & charge forward from Hayden Evans, followed with sweet right footed strike he put us In the lead!
Then the Panthers came straight back with a goal, Sidney Robinson nearly made the save just missing the ball by a whisker!
More goals from Evans and another from the panthers made it tight at the whistle!
The second half the boys looked more fired up,
The midfield looked well with lovely little passing plays from Archie Jones with his little one-two move and a good couple of chances at goal , William Brown also getting involved with some long balls forward creating chances for the likes of Harry Sellers with his venomous low grounder, and Brown also finding the net, earning themselves a goal a piece!
Daniel Cowley And Joey Williams
( Joeys save on the halfway line had to have a mention as it gave everybody a little chuckle :) !! )
Both boys backed the keeper up well holding their own with incoming attacks from the panthers, who worked hard and managed to get more goals against us....
Sidney Robinson was swapped with Harry Sellers in nets due to injury from a great dive!
Hayden Evans again managed to bag two more!
All in all a great game with the boys really starting to find their positions, moving well in their channels and really passing the ball very well indeed! A tough game to pick a stand out player this week it really was, as all the boys get the man of the match award for their hard work and little moments of brilliance, in bad conditions!
Thanks to Ryan and Mark who made some great calls on the day and dealt with the injuries of the Sidney and Archie brilliantly!
A tough game but the Hornets march on! Well done to you all!
Goal scorers
Hayden Evans 5
William Brown 1
Harry Sellers 1

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Sun 29, Sep 2019



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Pitch 4