Sun 20
Shelton panthers
Sun 20
U7s - Hornets
U7's Hornets vs Shelton Panthers

U7's Hornets vs Shelton Panthers

By Ryan Evans
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The Trilogy

Match report
By Tim Jones

U7's Hornets vs Shelton Panthers

The Hornets traveled to the racecourse to face Shelton Panthers for a third time this Sunday...
And what a battle it was!
The Hornets took it straight to the Panthers but they were a much improved and complete squad this time around, they seemed to have our boys all sussed and on lockdown!
Much of the play in the first half was back and forth between the two teams, Hayden Evans and Archie Jones were throwing everything they had at the opposition glancing wide and with a couple of misfired shots, a good effort but to no avail!
The boys holding up at the rear to start were, Ralfe Dodes and Milo Bentham who were under a lot of pressure, they held their own very well, really having to throw themselves at the onslaught of the Panthers!
Sidney Robinson again showing his cool in goal
saving some really tasty shots and delegating his team outfield!
A switch up of the players...
With Jamie Mannion coming on making some brilliant little runs but just falling shy and Theo Goden blazing smoke and really trying to thwart the Panthers.....
But then the unthinkable happened as the Panthers broke they slotted one past Sidney and for the first time this season we ended the first half trailing behind!
The second half went underway with more hustle and tussle as our boys really started to work hard and break down the Panthers defence, and with that Hayden Evans managed to find himself on target and bringing us level!
Archie Jones managing to break free too, but just took one step too many and shot wide!
A couple more chances from Jamie and Theo, and then Ralfe getting himself up too for a crack, but all managing to be stopped by the Panthers keeper who seemed on form too!
Hayden was brought down and scored a tremendous freekick into the top right corner that Messi would be proud of, also scoring one more for his hat trick !
The Panthers did manage to sneak one more goal before time but we still ended on a win!
The boys really had to work hard this week and to come back from being down in the first half showed just how solid and determined they all are!
So proud of how they managed to pull together and find a way through!
Player of the match this week goes to Theo Godden for his work rate and how he never let up the pressure on the Panthers, always pushing forward when he could!
As always well done to all the lads that took part...
And thanks to Ryan and Charlie once again, guiding the boys forward and really doing a great job on a whole.
We march on....albeit a bit bruised from battle but with heads and minds on a winning buzz ??!!!!!!!

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Sun 20, Oct 2019



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Pitch 4